How to use our tempeh.
Fry as crumbles for lasagna and pasta dishes or seasoned as a taco filling. Bake or fry cubes for croutons in salads or stir-fry. Cut slices, marinate and bake for a sandwich or wrap. Bake or fry medallions and cover it with sauce as a main course. Anything you can do with meat you can do with Barry’s Tempeh. 

Cooking Instructions
Cut the tempeh up: 3/4" cubes, 1/2" medallions or burgers or 1/4" slices. 

FRYING - Cut the tempeh when it's still a little frosty (defrost 1.5 hrs at room temp.). Use an oil (sunflower, safflower, coconut, grape seed) you can get over 400º without burning and wait for it to get really hot before putting the tempeh in. Add pieces slowly to the oil, not all at once. Fry for 2-3 minutes until a little crispy.

BAKING - marinate the tempeh for 10-15 minutes per side, bake tempeh and marinade* together at 350º for 20 min., turn once. (optional - sear in a skillet for a few minutes at the end)
*Marinade -1/2 cup low sodium tamari, 1-2 garlic cloves, 1 tsp. fresh ginger, 1 tsp. brown sugar, 2 tblsp. grape seed oil in a food processor until blended. (add water if it’s too salty)

Handling Instructions 
     Barry's Tempeh is a live, cultured food that comes fresh-frozen to slow down the fermentation without destroying all the beneficial probiotic stimulators. Commercial tempeh’s benefits are ruined when it's pasteurized, leaving it hard and bitter. 
     We recommend you keep our tempeh frozen. That will maintain the freshness up to 12 months.       
     To defrost Barry’s Tempeh leave at room temperature for an hour or two or place in refrigerator over night. You can defrost, portion and refreeze without loss of flavor. Do not defrost or cook in a microwave. No need to steam our tempeh before cooking.

     If you plan to refreeze an uncooked portion defrost in the refrigerator. Should be cooked to over 185° prior to consumption. Cooked tempeh will last as long as any other leftovers.

     Uncooked tempeh will begin to ferment again after 3 days in a refrigerator which will result in a much stronger flavor. Some people actually prefer it this way.
     Black and dark gray mold spots on Barry’s Tempeh are good for you so don't cut them away.

Recipe Standards

• Fry slices of Barry's Soy Tempeh as Tempeh Buffalo Wings, make your own Spicy Buffalo Sauce
• Fry slices of Barry's Azuki Bean & Brown Rice for a Tempeh Reuben sandwich

• Fry crumbles of Barry's Chickpea Tempeh add taco seasoning or make veggie chili

• Fry cubes of Barry's Soy Tempeh to add to a salad as seasoned croutons

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